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The Urban Monastery

Sit in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything”
(Moses the Black)

Latest Posts

Memento Mori Rosary Booklet

If you would like a copy of the Memento Mori Rosary in a format that allows it to be printed as a booklet, please use the link below. Pray well.

The Memento Mori Rosary

A meditative prayer by Fr Sam McNally-Cross Introduction This is quite a personal post for me to write, but it is something that I have been gradually putting together over the past few months, maybe even a year or so. A few Christmases ago I was at the doctors seeking help for a mental health…

Habits, Hymns and Holiness

A guest post from Dom. John-Aelred Lane OSB (@iBruvver) reflects on the life and influence of John Mason Neale For many people John Mason Neale is known mostly for writing , to confine him to just an old fogey who wrote hymns is to the man a great injustice.  For someone who for most of…